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Race to the boardroom

Exploring the History of Race Relations and Revenue in America

A free resource for leaders navigating diversity and inclusion in their organization


The history of Race Relations and Revenue in America

“The past 6 months have brought many changes on a global level. As we navigate changes within our industries for those here in the US a new priority has risen.”

-LaDawn Townsend Founder & CEO of VOS Group

Some call it a broadening of the discussion on diversity others say it highlights deep-rooted systematic racism that is long overdue in being addressed at the core. And, yet many others are new to the subject, trying to find their footing while also making, not just a change for the moment but a sustainable impact on the teams they employee many with individuals that face being treated differently every day for no other reason than the shade of their skin. Over the past few weeks since the tragic death of #GeorgeFloyd 

I’ve had many candid conversations with colleagues, customers, and friends and the same honest questions arise:

  • I don’t know what I don’t know. Where do I start?
  • How do I identify people or policies within my company that may have not provided an even playing field for all?
  • And most importantly, “What do we do now? How do we impact change?”


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The History of Race Relations & Revenue in America

Join us for a conversation for leaders on how to make a sustainable change within the areas that we have control in and that starts with our companies.


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“Race to the Boardroom is taking the discussion beyond diversity and inclusion to address the core issues that can impact people, profit and communities”.